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Duck Call


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What briefly is your idea?

Quack, Quack,

Where art thou?

The flutter of wings,

That carry us together,

A flock into the sky,

To laugh, sing,

Make and break,

Unexpected dives,

Uprising soars,

Bringing us together,

One quack at a time,

Quack, Quack. 


A spam-free public social notification mechanism. Triggerred digitally and manifested physically. It works as a call for the pub, a company meeting or a spontaneous community gathering.


The duck is a hark back to our old canalside home. 


How will it improve our working lives at Wolff Olins?

Cultivate a social culture, reduce inbox spam and respect our spontaneous creative souls. 

What kit did you use?

A Raspberry Pi, 3D printer, speakers, lasers and Slack. 

Did you run into any issues?

Hooking the Pi up to Slack was a big blocker, we needed an SSL certificate. 

How would you develop this idea further?

Give it to employees to see how they use it.

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The team

Jess Bigio


Jess, a Senior Programme Manager, loves tackling complex problems in complex industries

Stuart McAlpine


Stu builds web things, and he is happy to live in a time (and a town) which so much tech so readily available to play with

Owen Thomas


Design Director Owen is excited about smashing tech and brand philosophies together

Kartik Poria


Obsessed with the future and the potential design and technology has for shaping who we are as people.


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