Bee illustration Computer illustration Printer illustration


Pepper Spray


Chair illustration Coffee illustration Printer illustration Pass and phone


What briefly is your idea?

A transformative welcoming experience to unite and inspire WO employees across different offices. 

How will it improve our working lives at Wolff Olins?

We sometimes feel disconnected from one another, especially across offices This experience will greet us each day as we come in with an inspiring message from WO friends around the world. It aims to excite, unite, and instil a sense of purpose for us all.

What kit did you use?

Slack API

Chrome stick

Clear plastic prism 



Node/express (applications framework)


Did you run into any issues?

Our project was very tech heavy, and with only one developer on the team we came up against skill limitations (translating concept design into reality through code)

Challenges with lighting in the proposed installation area

Difficulty constructing the plastic prism

How would you develop this idea further?

Experiement with other types of inputs such as voice, sketches, and even heartbeats


Explore new modes of displaying information such as projection onto 3D forms, flip dot charts, luminescent paint, and designs with light

Bicycle illustration Lamp illustration Pass and phone

The team

Andy Dobson


Technical Director at Wolff Olins, Andy is a creatively minded technologies who has worked with the web for nearly 20 years

Alastair Jones


Ali is an interaction designer at Wolff Olins

Ioana Bolder


Having already worked at Wolff Olins Dubai, Ioana is now Programme Manager at Wolff Olins London

Mark Bosse


A proud ‘Millennial’ who thinks a lot about his generation and how the world might change throughout his lifetime


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