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What briefly is your idea?

A personal assistant app that finds people, completes tasks and gives you info about the office. 

How will it improve our working lives at Wolff Olins

It speeds up the processs of many day-to-day tasks. It reports on where on where/where not people are to save you time hunting and emailing.  

What kit did you use?

Arduino Uno, buttons, loads of coloured wires, LEDs, a Node.js app with Johnny 5 and 

Did you run into any issues?

We lost half our team to illness and client work but technically no!

How would you develop this idea further?

Linking with company and staff calendars to provide real time answers on availability. Linking with webcams/sensors to give updates on busy areas etc. 



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The team

Kriszta Matyi


Front-end Developer at Wolff Olins, Kriszta has a passion for technology

Paul Forbes


A Mac evangelist with 20 years experience using arguably the best computers in the world in a media environment

Mike Sparks


Mike is a barista, facilities guy and now copy-writer for Wolff Olins and has worked with the Virgin Media team.

Sieun Cha


Creative Director at Wolff Olins, Sieun brings an extensive background in creating digital products and services


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